Material solutions for EV battery

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Foaming material technologies

About Material solutions for EV battery

INOAC Corp. offers a wide range of technical polyurethane foam, silicone foam and elastomer solutions for EV battery pack applications.
Our battery application foam portfolio includes products specifically developed to meet recent EV technology requirements for safety and improve function performances.


  • Sealing Gasket

    Low compression set offers reworkable and reliable sealing performance at higher temperature.

    Suggested materials
    PORON® ATR-32

  • Module Spacer Pad

    Superior vibration damping performance. Available soft to firm grades lineup to support different case shape.

    Suggested materials

  • Pressure Release Duct Seal

    Sealing performance at low compression force provides parts shape design flexibility.

    Suggested materials
    GOMSPOR® TT-4106

  • Cell Compression Pad / Thermal Runaway Barrier Pad

    Low compression set provides stable compression force to absorb expansion-contraction of cells. Available in tacky surface finish to stick to cells without adhesive.

    Suggested materials
    PORON® XRS-48
    PORON® RX-32
    PORON® TR-32
    NanNex® TL3503

  • FPC Protection Pad

    Vibration protection, resistance from high temperature and flammability.

    Suggested materials
    PORON® RX-32

  • Thermal Interface Sheet

    Heat transfer in between cell and cooling plate, improve cooling efficiency/thermal management.

    Suggested materials
    Transcool GNS
    Transcool GXIII

  • Cooling Plate Damper Pad

    Superior vibration damping performance and stable compression force maximizes cooling plate contacting area to cells.

    Suggested materials
    PORON® TR-24
    GOMSPOR® E-4088
    GOMSPOR® E-4348

  • Module Case Gasket

    Protects from dust/water penetration at low compression force and it offers flexibility to case shape design.

    Suggested materials
    NanNex® TL7404

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