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INOAC Group History

SINCE 1926

Having started manufacturing tires and tubes for bicycles, INOAC Group is now a comprehensive supplier of polyurethane, rubber, plastics and composites, beyond time and boundaries.

YearHistory in JapanGlobal careers
1926 Established INOUE RUBBER CO., the predecessor of INOUE RUBBER CO., LTD. in Nagoya, Japan,
starting manufacturing tires and tubes for bicycles.

INOUE RUBBER CO. at its start
1933 - Started exporting IRC (INOUE RUBBER CO., LTD.) brand tires and tubes,
initiating overseas operations.
  • Established INOUE RUBBER CO., LTD. as a corporation.
  • Started manufacturing rubber products (molded, injection) for industrial use.
1948 Established Tokyo Branch in Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
planning to expand sales bases.
1952 Started manufacturing tires for motorcycles. -
1953 Started manufacturing plastic products including vinyl hoses. -
1954 Established MTP KASEI CO., LTD. under the technological tie-up with BAYER AG,
Germany, launched Japan's first polyurethane production operation.

Dr. Stackeling of BAYER AG paid a visit to the company in Japan.
1957 Started manufacturing "Foamlite", rigid polyurethane foam.
Applied rigid polyurethane foam to thermal insulator for the first time in Japan.
  • Started selling polyether-based foam brand "Colorfoam".
    Started selling Colorfoam mattresses,
    initiating a full-scale expansion into the bedding field.
  • Started selling transparent nylon made milk bottles, free from disadvantages of glass bottles and polyethylene bottles,
    entering the nursing care products field.
Established the first overseas joint venture, ASSOCIATED RUBBER INDUSTRIES LTD. in Sri Lanka,
starting a full-scale overseas expansion.

1960 Automotive interior products using polyurethane foam were adopted for the first time in Japan,
entering the automotive component field.
  • Established Anjo Plant in Anjo, Aichi to respond to the rapidly increasing demands for polyurethane foam,
    starting expansion of production bases across the country.

    Anjo Plant at its start.
  • Launched "Foam Edge," a water pipe system to prevent freezing,
    entering the piping material business.
  • Established Sakurai Plant, Sakurai, Hekikai-gun (currently Fujii-cho, Anjo), Aichi to increase the production of plastic products.
  • Established NIPPON CELLASTO CO., LTD. (currently BASF INOAC POLYURETHANES LTD.), a joint venture with ELASTOGRAN GmbH of Germany to manufacture urethane elastomer Cellasto ®.
1966 - Established an office in the US to export tires and tubes to North America, planning to expand overseas sales bases.
1969 Established a joint venture (currently INOAC LIVING CO., LTD.) with DECRO-WALL in the US to manufacture easy-to-stick wall materials,
entering the do-it-yourself products business.
Established a joint venture, INOUE RUBBER (THAILAND) CO., LTD. to manufacture tires and tubes for two-wheeled vehicles.
1970 - Established a joint venture, " BANGKOK FOAM CO., LTD". to manufacture polyurethane foam in Thailand,
starting a full-scale expansion in Southeast Asia.
1972 -

Established a joint venture (currently P.T. IRC INOAC INDONESIA) to manufacture polyurethane.

1973 Established HUKLA JAPAN INC., a joint venture with HUKLA GmbH of Germany and MATSUZAKAYA Japan,
to manufacture and sell sophisticated furniture, entering the furniture field.
1974 Introduced cold-insulator technology from VAMUS B.V. of the Netherlands and started manufacturing cold insulators,
entering the distribution material business.
1975 Started manufacturing cosmetic containers,
initiating a full-scale expansion into the cosmetic container business.

Each type of container injection-blow molded
1976 NIPPON CELLASTO CO., LTD. changed the name to POLYURETHANE CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (currently BASF INOAC POLYURETHANES LTD.), changing its joint venture partner to BASF in Germany. -
  • Established INOUE MTP CO., LTD. as a result of merger of the industrial rubber and plastic operations of INOUE RUBBER CO., LTD.
    and MTP KASEI CO., LTD., creating a synthetic chemical manufacturer of polyurethane foam, rubber and plastic.
    Introduced "INOAC" as the common brand name among the Group.

  • Started manufacturing "THERMAX," flame retardant polyurethane foam boards,
    entering the construction material business.
1982 Started manufacturing rubber rolls conveying sheets for facsimile machines and photocopiers,
initiating a full-scale expansion into the office automation equipment business.
1985 - Established the first joint venture in Canada, preparing for local production of automotive interior products.
Initiated a full-scale expansion in North America.

1986 -
  • Established "INOAC USA INC." as a core company in North America, starting a full-scale preparation in the US.
  • Established a company (currently INOAC PACKAGING GROUP INC.) to manufacture cosmetic containers and makeup tools in the US.
  • Established a joint venture to manufacture automotive interior products locally in North America.
  • Established "BENOAC FERTIGTEILE GmbH" in Germany to manufacture automotive interior products in Europe.
  • starting expansion in Europe.
1988 Started selling "Cronel", an easy packaging system,
initiating a full-scale expansion into the packaging-material industry.
1990 Changed company name from INOUE MTP CO., LTD. to INOAC CORPORATION.
Renewed the corporate identity.

1991 Established INOAC TECHNICAL CENTER CO., LTD. (ITC), a comprehensive research institute of the Group, in Hadano, Kanagawa. -
1994 Integrated the sales operations of living and consumer products to establish a new comprehensive planning and sales company, INOAC LIVING CO., LTD.
  • Established "POCHET INOAC INC." in France and "SHANGHAI INOUE XIN YI PLASTICS CO., LTD." in China, joint ventures to manufacture cosmetic containers.
  • Started a full-scale expansion in China.
1996 - Established a joint venture, INOUE RUBBER VIETNAM CO., LTD. to manufacture tires and tubes for motorcycle.

  • Introduced YES System, an eco-friendly polyurethane foam manufacturing system, at the Yana Plant for the first time in Japan.
  • Started developing and selling welfare & nursing care products,
    initiating a full-scale expansion into the welfare & nursing care field.
2000 Established BRIDGESTONE IRC MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., a joint venture with BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION to develop and manufacture bias tires for motorcycle. -
  • Established INOREC Japan K.K., a joint venture with RECTICEL of Belgium, to manufacture automotive interior products.
  • Established MINAMI KANTO CO., LTD. as production bases of headrests in Kanto district.
  • Established a joint venture, SHANGHAI INOUE TAISEI PLASTICS CO., LTD. in China to manufacture plastic bottles.
  • Established a joint venture, "INOAC TOKAI (THAILAND) CO., LTD." to manufacture rubber hoses for automobiles.
  • Established I.W. FOAM KYUSHU CORPORATION to manufacture automotive interior components as a base in west part of Japan.
  • Established KANTO INOAC CO., LTD., an integration of a process and sales company and a process and manufacture company.
  • Established SUZHOU INOAC NEW POLYMERS CO., LTD. in China to develop new materials and products.
  • Established NINGBO INOAC HUAXIANG AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. in China to manufacture and sell automotive components made of resin.
2003 -
  • Established SUZHOU INOAC ZHONGDING OFFICE MACHINE PRODUCTS CO., China to produce OA parts including printer rolls.
  • Established NINGBO INOAC YONGTAI RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD. in China to produce molded rubber products.
  • - Established ROGERS INOAC SUZHOU CORPORATION in China to develop, manufacture and sell microcellular polyurethane sheets PORON® and other INOAC products.
2004 -
  • Established TIANJIN INOAC POLYMER CO., LTD. in China to manufacture and sell automotive components.
  • Established INOAC AUTOMOTIVE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. to manufacture automotive components made of resin.
2005 Established Toyohashi Plant with integrated production lines, starting from skin cutting to finishing, in Toyohashi, Aichi to manufacture headrests. -
2006 -
  • Established INOAC VIETNAM CO., LTD. to manufacture components for office automation equipment.
  • Established DONGGUAN INOAC POLYMER CO., LTD. as production base in China to manufacture polyurethane foam.
  • Established INOAC (THAILAND) CO., LTD. to preside INOAC Group companies in Asia.
  • Established Taketoyo Plant in Aichi to manufacture PORON®, microcellular polymer sheets.
  • Established Kitakami Plant in Iwate, as an integrated production line to manufacture automotive exterior and interior components.
2008 Separating the operations of dealing with materials for housing and piping for infrastructure, established INOAC HOUSING & CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS CO., LTD. Established SALTILLO INTERIOR TRIM S.A. de C.V. in Mexico as a new foaming base.
2009 Transferred the Tokyo Head Office of INOAC CORPORATION to the West-city Bldg. in Osaki and held the exhibition there.
  • Established WUXI INOUE HUAGUANG AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO., LTD. in Tianjin, China to strengthen manufacturing and sales network in Hebei.
  • Established CHENGDU INOAC POLYMER CO., LTD. in Chengdu, China to improve the distribution and process base.
  • Established INOS TECHNOLOGIES. LLC. in North America, starting experiments, researches and sales of medical-related polyurethane.
2010 -
  • Opened the Dongguan Branch in South China.
  • Acquired 100% ownership of CREST FOAM INDUSTRIES INC. to strengthen manufacturing and sales of special polyurethane foams.
  • Opened interior shops Living Plaza in Osaki, Tokyo and other places.
  • INOAC TECHNICAL CENTER CO., LTD. awarded in Material Category at "the nano tech 2011."
  • Streamlined business bases with centering at POLYFOAM ASIA PTE LTD. in Singapore to manage and control business in Asia including China and Thailand.
  • Established INOAC POLYMER LANKA (PVT) LTD. in Sri Lanka.
  • Reorganized manufacturing bases in Indonesia.
  • Acquired 100% ownership of INOAC EXTERIOR PRODUCTS, LLC. to strengthen the spoiler business for automobiles in North America.
2012 -
  • Established INOAC EUROPE GmbH as a base to collect information in Europe and expand business.
  • Established ABC INOAC EXTERIOR SYSTEMS (currently INOAC Exterior Systems) in Canada and the US, new company for automobile exterior parts business.
2013 Started manufacturing "FOLEC®", eco-friendly clean foam sheet. initiating mass production at INOAC POLYMER LANKA (PVT) LTD. in Sri Lanka.
  • Started manufacturing "PureCell®", the thinnest foam in the world.
  • Established "International Polyurethane Technology Foundation."
2015 Held "INTERNATIONAL PU FORUM 2015" for the 60th anniversary of starting manufacturing polyurethane. Started operating a new foam line at "INOAC (THAILAND) CO., LTD."
2016 -
  • Started operating a foam line at "INOAC VIETNAM CO., LTD."
  • Started operating a new foam line at "PT. INOAC POLYTECHNO INDONESIA."
2017 Established "INOAC RYUKYU CO., LTD. " as the first subsidiary of the INOAC group in Okinawa. -

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