CSR Activities

Social contribution activities

INOAC offers opportunities for people to socialize and interact through its social contribution activities centered on support of the arts and culture, as well as human resources development, and helps to activate heart-to-heart exchange.

Domestic social & community contribution initiatives

INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation

INOAC began promoting operations abroad in the 1950s and established the INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation in 1987. The objective of the Foundation is to develop human resources who can play active roles on the world stage by providing excellent students inside and outside Japan with scholarships. More than 380 students have received support so far.
INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation WebSite

INOAC Innovation Support Program

Through the INOAC Innovation Support Program, we have conducted activities to provide long-term support for cultural activities such as ballets and opera performances. Sponsoring various events not only promotes cultural activities, but also develops closer ties between society and INOAC.

Support activities for Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation (JWBF)

Inoue Rubber Co., Ltd. (IRC) supports the JWBA as an official supplier,
in providing and development to supply and help replacement of wheelchair tires.
JWBF WebSite (Japanese only)

IRC Tires Support

Inoue Rubber Co., Ltd. (IRC) supports young determined athletes who are focused and equipped with a desire to compete at a world-class level. Categories include bicycle, motorcycle, and wheelchair.

Contributing to communities through effective use of material cutoffs

At Kyushu INOAC Co., Ltd., we are dedicating effort to community contributions through the effective use of polyurethane foam material cutoffs manufactured at production plants. Our production plants host regular workshops for children to make polyurethane stamps, squeeze toys, Christmas wreaths and other fun items out of polyurethane foam material cutoffs. We also make playground equipment for children to enjoy, which we donate to our clients' on-premises nursery schools, in addition to organizing "polyurethane parks" at production plants. All of the playground equipment is planned and produced in house, from "struck out" numbered baseball pitching target grids with targets and balls made from polyurethane foam material cutoffs, to bowling that uses prototype plastic drink bottles, playground game sets including polyurethane balls for "tamaire" in which children throw as many balls into a basket goal as they can, and more. We actively engage in these activities that prioritize time for social interaction with people in the communities, which they also enjoy.

Supporting young musicians

As an effort to support young musicians, we held a classical music concert hosted by INOAC Corporation in the Small Hall of the Suntory Hall concert facility in Tokyo. The concert was performed together with the Tokyo Symphony Chamber Orchestra to give young musicians an opportunity to perform in an actual live concert. As part of our efforts to support culture and the arts, we also allowed free invitations by advance drawing to offer a chance to enjoy the concert to those who normally have little exposure to classical music, and we allowed admission to elementary school ages and up. The audience felt relaxed and right at home at this concert held in a relatively small hall, and they were full of praise for the event afterward.

Providing thermal insulator to an elementary school in Hakuba

At Hakuba Minami Elementary School in Nagano Prefecture, we conducted a decarbonization project to reduce heating usage and CO2 emissions by thermally insulating classrooms to keep the rooms warm. Adding a thermal insulation design that did not exist when the elementary school was built, we believe that lessening impact of changes in the outside temperature and improving energy efficiency has helped to reduce heating costs in winter, promote health, and boost motivation for learning. INOAC supported this project and provided Thermax polyisocyanurate foam thermal insulator boards which were used. Sixth graders at Hakuba Minami Elementary School also performed some of the installation work for the thermal insulation themselves. INOAC will continue to actively support similar thermal insulation efforts by providing our products.

Overseas social & community contribution initiatives

Professional Training Program

INOAC GROUP NORTH AMERICA (IGNA) agreed to participate in the educational program Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education. It is beneficial for both students and the company. Participants may have the opportunity to join IGNA after completing an 18-month program, and IGNA may have the opportunity to gain highly skilled workers.

Mattress Donation

The INOAC Group donates mattresses in the event of an emergency.
We made a donation to shelters in Tohoku, which was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. INOAC (THAILAND) CO., LTD. donated 600 mattresses to the COVID-19 field hospital in Thailand in 2020.
We will continue to provide support in the event of an emergency.

Organizing a traffic safety poster contest

At Kenjou Industrial Co., Ltd. In Taiwan, we organized a traffic safety poster contest for children from families of employees. The contest was held to raise awareness about traffic safety through an activity that fosters children's artistic creativity, and participants entered a total of 60 posters. Cash prizes were awarded to three of them as Awards of Excellence and to another three as runners-up. Since the contest was held during Taiwan's rainy season, it helped to heighten traffic safety awareness in households.

Supporting vaccination programs

At INOAC Polymer Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. in Sri Lanka, we supported a vaccination program by the Sri Lanka Ministry of Health in the Horana BOI Zone. We offered the parking lots of INOAC Polymer Lanka for use as a COVID-19 vaccination center. Starting with setting up furnishings such as tables, chairs, and supplies needed for the vaccinations, we supported civil servants from the Ministry of Health by giving guidance to vaccine recipients, providing meals, and more.

Supporting blind children

For many years, INOAC Interior Systems has been a sponsor of the Penrickton Center that supports blind children. The Penrickton Center is a non-profit organization that accommodates children between the ages of one and 12 who are blind and have another additional disability and provides them with daycare and consultation services five days per week. INOAC Interior Systems supports programs designed to encourage their independence in various facets of everyday life. The Penrickton Center assists families, children, and specialists through support services, education, and more.