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Foaming technology

About NanNex®

NanNex is a highly expanded silicone foam that has excellent heat and cold resistance, and is flame retardant. It can be used in a wide range of fields due to its excellent performance that cannot be obtained with conventional foam materials.


  • NanNex offers excellent heat and cold resistance.

    Compared with other organic-based foam materials, NanNex can be used for wide temperature range for extended periods.

  • NanNex offers superior flame resistance.

    NanNex has UL-certified. NanNex offers excellent flame retardance
    as well as the limited generation smoke and toxic gases.
    Mass transit standard (Railway and Aircraft)complied grade is also available.

  • NanNex has very low compression set.

    Compared with other organic-based foam materials, NanNex performs excellent low compression set at extreme condition.

  • NanNex offers excellent water sealing properties.

    NanNex performs excellent sealing function and passes the waterproof
    and dustproof standard IPX8 even at low compression.


  • Automotive/ EV battery case

    Application:Battery case gasket

  • Automotive/Airbag

    Application:Insulator packing

  • PC/Battery

    Application:Battery cushion・Heat insulation sheet

  • IH Cooking Heater/Duct

    Application:Duct packing

  • Railway vehicle/ A/C Unit

    Application:Sealing gasket

  • Airplane/Galley

    Application:Joint gap filler