Eco-friendly Products

THERMAX RII Structural drawing


Light-weight insulation board with moisture resistance


THERMAX is an isocyanurate foam* board used widely as a thermal insulator in construction and as a heat insulator in facilities. THERMAX RII has a high thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m K and low combustibility with carburization when burned. It is light, weighing only 1.3 kg/m2, with a thickness of 25 mm. In addition, it is moisture resistant through the use of a closed-cell structure and aluminum foil. It is excellent in regard to environmental safety because no formaldehyde is used.

*Isocyanurate foam is molecular structured foam of complex that has isocyanurate linkage in addition to urethane linkage.

Excellent Thermal Insulation Performance

Excellent Thermal Insulation Performance

THERMAX RII Density (kg/m3) 33
  • Extruded Polystyrene Foam:JISA 9511 Type 1
  • Rock Wool Felt:JISA 9504
  • Glass Wool:JISA 9521
  • Comparison of thickness to become heat resistance value of 1 m2 k/w (thickness required to gain the same thermal insulation performance)

Photo:Laying operation of THERMAX RII and Construction Condition

Benefits of THERMAX RII for vinyl chloride water-proof sheet

The properties of conventional THERMAX, such as being thermally insulated, weather resistant, water-proof, and heat resistant, are well balanced in an outdoor environment or similar circumstances. In addition, THERMAX does not absorb vinyl chloride plasticizers. We developed the new type THERMAX RII, which has improved flexural rigidity and buckling resistance, both of which are issues during construction. Pin-hole energization inspection of vinyl chloride can be performed with specification of aluminum foil.

Picture of the material


Low-VOC, heat insulation and light shielding sheet


PureCell "CELL SHADE" is a heat insulation and light shielding sheet made from the low-VOC and eco-friendly foam material PureCell. It excels in thermal resistance and light stability, and has self-adhesive and shock absorption properties as well. With these properties utilized, the surface strength of CELL SHADE is enhanced further by being laminated with PET film. It provides heat insulation and light shielding from outside air if put on window glasses, and therefore has an effect on indoor temperature control (thermal insulation).

Ultraviolet cut in the summer, adiabatic effect in the winter
Perform air conditioning using renewable energy


Developed version of 'U-Poly Pipe' that utilizes natural energy


Heat Exchange Equipment That Utilizes Geothermal System is a system that performs air conditioning and snow melting by utilizing stable heat (approximately 15 centi degree) 10 m to 100 m underground. "U-Poly Pipe" is a system used for air conditioning by exchanging liquid in the pipes installed underground with geothermal heat. The system utilizes natural energy, and thereby achieves low-consumption power.

Implementation at the same time as pile construction shortens construction period

Buried Work Condition

Further, the "Spiral Heat Exchange Equipment" which was developed based on the "U-Poly Pipe" shortens construction periods and reduces cost through the installation of spiral underground tubes when pile-driving, a part of foundation work, is done. The amount of heat exchange per depth unit of spiral tube is approximately three times greater than when using conventional U-Poly Pipe. The efficiency of heat dissipation and collecting is drastically improved.

Comparison of Heat Exchange Performance

Heat exchange amount 3 times. Increase heat dissipation and heat extraction efficiency


Thermal insulation and sound absorption improved with dual structure

Twin Composite Duct

A cylindrical duct that conducts air that is generated from the air conditioner of an automobile to the inside of vehicle's passenger compartment (the air blow-off port). Conventionally, a polyethylene blow-molded product was used. However, to meet the demand for improved fuel efficiency, a further decrease in weight and improved thermal insulation were required. We developed the "Twin Composite Duct," structured with double layers consisting of fiber and foam. The weight dropped to approximately half of that of the conventional product, thermal insulation improved to approximately 60%, sound absorption improved to reduce blower noise from the air conditioner, and further, dropping of dew condensation was reduced.

Development item: Twin composite duct. fiber + Firing PF 2 layer sheet.Weight reduction: Down by about 50% compared with the current level.
Material expansion photo of FOLEC Double-sided Tape


Eco-friendly with no chemical foaming agent used

FOLEC Double-sided Tape

FOLEC is a micro-celled clean roll-sheet product manufactured by INOAC's original foaming technology without using a chemical foaming agent. FOLEC Double-sided Tape is produced using FOLEC as the base material, and therefore provides excellent dust-proofing, water-proofing, and shock absorption. It will lead to a reduction of the chemical substances used and never breed* chemicals even when used for a long period of time, because it does not contain a chemical foaming agent.

*Breed: phenomenon of chemical substances oozing out to the surface.

No use of chemical substances. VOC Generation amount 132ppm.
Use to vibration proof / sound proof of construction heavy machinery. Control 10dB Driving amplitude.


Anti-vibration mat


CELLDAMPER is a foamed polyurethane elastomer developed for use as an anti-vibration material to reduce oscillation. It provides excellent anti-vibration, and its production process includes no silicone or sulfur. It is a clean product with a low environmental load. Among other things, CELLDAMPER is an eco-friendly anti-vibration mat. Large-scale construction generates diverse types of oscillation that continue for a long period of time, which is likely to be an annoyance to others in the neighborhood. Accordingly, countermeasures against noise or vibration source should be taken at construction sites by improving heavy machinery and reducing noise, among other things. The CELLDAMPER mat effectively reduces oscillation just by spreading it out under iron plates at the site. It can reduce running vibration caused by heavy machine by 10 dB. This product is used as anti-vibration material on heliports, roof-top decks, and so on, as well as with equipment and automobiles that generate oscillation.

Material expansion photo


  • Vibration reduction due to an excellent damping effect
  • Long-term performance due to low compressive set
  • Clean material without silicone or sulfur
  • Suitable to anywhere because of no rubber odor
  • Cleared flame retardant regulations in each field.