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About Transcool

Transcool is a member for cooling electronic equipment. It is soft like sponge and has high thermal conductivity. It is an effective countermeasure against heat because it suitably follows heat generation body.


  • Various radiating material

    There are two types of transcool, silicon gel sheet and acrylic gel sheet. Silicon gel type has outstanding durability and thermal resistance. Acrylic gel type is siloxane free.

  • Features of G series

    - Has proper hardness and thermal conductivity can be chosen (Hardness ASKER C-type hardness: 20 to 45, heat conductivity: 1.2 to 5 W/mk).
    - Diverse thickness variation
    - Outstanding unevenness followability
    - Adhesion and workability can be controlled due to surface lamination.
    - Proper to RoHS due to its eco-friendly materials.


  • LED light

  • HDD base

  • Tablet