Technology Development

As a comprehensive manufacturer based on foaming technology, we will continue taking on the challenge of great possibilities.

Focusing on R&D of polymer products, INOAC, as a comprehensive manufacturer of polyurethane, rubber, plastics and composites, conducts R&D activities by utilizing the two most valuable resources in developing high technologies which are creative scientists and cutting-edge evaluation instruments. We offer additional value to the marketplace as a global leader of polymer chemistry.

INOAC core technology

R&D centers

  • JAPN


  • USA


Major Research Areas

Development of foaming materials

We develop new foam materials with high added value through the combination of various foaming methods and materials such as polyurethane, polyolefin, rubber, and special polymers (silicone, acrylic, etc.). In addition, we strive each day to develop the materials and processes themselves.

Development of high-performance polyurethane materials

We utilize a wide variety of reaction mechanisms for polyurethane resin, and the wide range of material properties they deliver, to increase the added value of the various types of polyurethane product and develop new application products utilizing the characteristics of the materials.

Development of rubber and elastomer

We utilize mix design, product design, and process design technologies for rubber and elastomer materials to improve the performance of the various industrial rubber products and to develop products to meet new demands.

Development of functional plastics materials

We research the changes in physical property that occur when various materials are combined, and take on the challenge of possibilities in new fields, on a foundation of knowledge that enables the proper selection of materials that meet needs and demands, with an understanding of the characteristics of each type of resin material, such as general-purpose resins, engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and their foams, and fiber-reinforced composite resins.

Development of new applications utilizing various polymer materials

We continue developing products for new fields and applications through the high added value of functions and properties provided, for example, by combining newly developed and existing materials.

Development for recycling and environmental improvement

We contribute to the creation of a healthy environment through recycling of polymer materials.


INOAC will respect the irreplaceable natural environment of our planet and contribute to a better and more comfortable society through our technologies that are in harmony with the environment,
and corporate activities that place value on the environment.