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End of Certification by UL Standard Revision


Thank you for your continuous support of INOAC products.
Please note that due to the revision of UL standards, the UL certification of some our products approved UL94 HF-1/HBF will be terminated.

Revision of UL94 Standard

The horizontal directional flammability test(HF-1/HF-2/HBF) was revised in 2020 to the effect that the density of the subject material will be capped at 250kg/m3. The revision will take effect on December 30th 2022.

Applicable Products

MH-32, CH-32, CH-32EG, CH-48, CH-48EG, TR-32, ML-32, SR-U-40P, MS-40, MX-48EG, MX-48HF, MS-32, MS-40PR, MS-40S, MH-48, MX-48
*MS-32, MS-40PR, MS-40S, MH-48, MX48 is Non-standard items




SM-55 heat-pressed products (5times press ratio)

The Future

The certification of the above applicable products will come to an end. There are no differences in the product quality, so please continue on to use them as usual.

*The product has the performance to pass the current UL94 HF-1/HBF. There are no changes with the flammability performance as before. However, due to the UL standard revision, foam material above density 250kg/m3 cannot be applied, so the certification is going to be terminated.