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New heat maintaining material "Heat One Neo"



We are pleased to announce that we were successful in new heat maintaining material, named "Heat One Neo"


"Heat One" is the name of INOAC's domestic heat maintaining material series, which is ideal for keeping warm and cold in the positive temperature range.

These maintain a constant temperature on melting and solidification.

The newly developed "Heat One Neo" was developed mainly for transporting pharmaceuticals such as vaccines at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. The biggest feature is that it prevents supercooling, and freezable even in the temperature of 3 degrees Celsius where the vaccine is stored. Besides, since the content fluid turns white when frozen, it is visually observable whether it can be used or not.


1. It prevents supercoiling and is freezable even at the temperature of 3 degrees Celsius.

2. It keeps expected temperature in the temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, if it is put in cold insulation box even just after freezing.

3. It is visually observable whether it can be used or not, since the content liquid turns white.



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