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Polyolefin foam using 25% or more of plant-based raw materials in its composition


We are pleased to announce that we were successful in domestic development of plant-based polyolefin foam with a biomass of 25% or higher, named "PE-Lite AB-100F"



"PE-Lite AB-100F" is a name of INOAC's domestic biomass polyolefin foam composed of over 25% of plant-based raw materials.

While using a raw material called "biomass resource powder," which is made from biological resources that become waste, we were successful in maintaining physical properties equal to products (polyethylene foam expansion ratio from 8 to 15) using oil-based raw materials.

The "Biomass Mark" certified by the Japan Organics Recycling Association is a mark of environmental products that utilize biological resources and comply with the laws, standards, etc. related to quality and safety.


1. Approximately 23% reduction in CO2 emissions due to carbon neutrality (material-related)
2. "Biomass Mark" certified product (Certification No.: 210416)
3. Physical properties equal to products with oil-based raw materials
4. Wide range of applications (returnable container member for automotive parts construction material backer / toys / sports equipment, etc.)


<Stories behind the development>

Today, companies are faced with the crucial challenge of using limited resources effectively to contribute to building a sustainable society. In recent years, marine pollution caused by microplastics and waste treatment have become social issues of a global scale. Manufacturers, therefore, face strong expectations to address these problems.

In responding to such social problems, INOAC has been attempting to develop polyethylene foam with plant-based materials, and we started to take earnest steps to turn those materials into products several years ago.

Since the plant-based products have some problems such as rough cell size, inadequate foaming, weaker than oil-based products, the quality was unstable. These presented significant hurdles to developing commercial products, which was an issue that continued for many years.

However, we have been developing products based on the idea of "carbon neutral" and our pride as a leading company of polymer materials.


INOAC will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by actively developing products that use renewable materials and plant-based and biological-based raw materials.


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