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INOAC Living will launch "Ryo-dan Shikifuton"


INOAC Living Co., Ltd. will launch "Ryo-dan Shikifuton" in early September.
This reversible bottom mattress is jointly developed by Toyobo Co., Ltd. and comfortable to be used in both summer and winter season.
We will firstly display this product at "Interior Products Expo Tokyo, Summer" held at Tokyo big site in July 5th to 7th.

What is "Ryo-dan Shikifuton"?

This reversible mattress is made of INOAC's "Color Foam" and Toyobo's "Breathair." "Color Foam" is polyurethane foam, which is used for mattress about 60 years, and "Breathair" is 3D spring structure with excellent breathability. You can sleep comfortably on "Breathair" side in summer and on "Color Foam" side in winter.