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Urethane foaming technology and compounding technology


Thermax is a PIR (polyisocyanurate foam) insulation material that has properties of flame-retardant, heat-insulating, moisture-proof, and safe.

Thermax is not subject to designated combustibles under the Fire Service Act since it has an oxygen index of 26% and a property of flame-retardant. It maintains its shape even after burning for 5 minutes with a burner. We also have a lineup of products that have been certified as nonflammable by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Thermax is a registered trademark of INOAC Corporation. (Registration No. 5085325)


  • Super flame retardant

    The isocyanurate structure forms a carbonized layer on the surface, preventing flames from penetrating inside. It maintains its shape even after burning for 5 minutes with a burner.
    *Please refer to a related video,

  • Heat-insulating properties

    The polyisocyanurate foam base material and aluminum foil face material provide excellent heat insulation performance due to the radiant heat effect.
    thermal conductivity: 0.020 (W/m・k) (RW)

  • Moisture-proof property

    Excellent moisture-proofing effect due to the use of aluminum with high moisture permeability resistance for the surface material. Thermax is an insulating material that does not absorb moisture and is resistant to water.

  • Safety

    Safe to use since it is non-formaldehyde.

  • Energy saving

    High insulation performance leads to savings in utility costs.


  • As insulation material for residential walls (RW)

  • As insulation material under waterproof roof sheet (RⅡ)