Conductive roll

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Compounding technology, molding technology

About Conductive roll

Conductive rollers are one of the representative functional roller technologies at which INOAC excels. We have not only engineered compounds that reproduce stable printing results, but also make daily improvements in the manufacturing process in an effort to achieve both high quality and low costs.



    This product is a conductive roller that utilizes special urethane foam characterized by its finely uniform cell structure.
    Because it is possible to achieve good distortion performance while utilizing the softness of the materials, it can be used as a secondary transfer roller or other transfer roller.

  • Rubber roll

    Impedance and hardness, etc., are combined to deploy the catalog. The main use is as a transfer roller with a compounding formulation that suppresses contact contamination of the opposing item.
    Customization is also available. Please contact us for details.

  • Toner supply roll

    INOAC has achieved excellent toner suppliability and scrapability by combining its abundant urethane foam materials with conductive treatment.