Cosmetic puff

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Mixing and molding technologies

About Cosmetic puff

We have overall production line and supervise all from materials to packaging. By deleting useless producing lines, we have achieved reasonable price and delivery time.


  • Types of cosmetic puff

    - Natural Whip Prestige series
    - Middle Grade
    - Cost Value Grade: Loco Puff
    - Micro-cell Puff

  • Good feel to the touch

    We have acquired patent for our original mixture proportion. It helps to design the puff which has a good feel to the touch.

  • Foaming process

    Normally, a sponge becomes harder as it goes fine. If density goes lower, it goes softer but rougher. INOAC's process reformation has enabled to solve this trade-off relation. As a result, we offer puffs that can make ideal cosmetic result.

  • Information offering service

    INOAC present various evaluation data such as material analyzation, hardness test, impression test, and so on.

  • Decoration and package

    Various appearance can be made by decorating. Various types of packaging also available.


  • Natural Whip Prestige series

  • Middle Grade

  • Cost Value Grade - Loco Puff