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About Nursing care products

INOAC polyurethane materials are used for nursing care products. "Smile" is an at-home nursing care brand created in the hope of bringing a smile both to those who provide care and to those who receive care. We utilize INOAC's world-class polyurethane materials and technologies to develop our original products.
We have pursued a sensation that is soft to the touch, thereby making nursing care more convenient and comfortable.


  • Made from our special material "Colorfoam"

    "Colorfoam," a polyether-based flexible urethane foam and a long-standing material
    that INOAC has produced and sold since 1959, has been used in mattresses and
    the rehabilitation mat "Locomo-mat."

  • Made from our patented technology "mixel CUBE"

    "mixel CUBE" has been used in such as cushions for postural change.
    Characterized by its excellent breathability and ideal level of bounciness.

  • Our special technology "Mold casting"

    Mold casting, in which urethane foam is poured into a mold, is capable
    of producing a wide range of foam, including flexible foam, low-resistance foam,
    and high-resiliency foam.

  • Our special technology "Contour cutting"

    Used a processing method that is able to maximize the benefits of urethane foam,
    to our "Smile" products as well. This method was made possible by our many years
    of experience in design and engineering for product development.
    This processing method can create complex curves.


  • Swimo®

  • Suppordy® Cushion

  • Locomo-mat