Hot spring connection pipe HOT PEX /Hot spring pipe/IPOLY-OXL

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Extrusion molding technology and urethane foaming technology

About Hot spring connection pipe HOT PEX /Hot spring pipe/IPOLY-OXL

Cross-linked polyethylene pipe for carrying hot springs and is used for hot spring drawing, waste heat utilization in garbage disposal plant or biomass generation, and chemical distribution piping.


  • Available for hot water

    Can be used under high temperature water by being made from cross-linked polyethylene.
    HOT PEX: 0 to 95 centi degree
    Hot spring pipe: 0 to 80 centi degree
    IPOLY-OXL: 0 to 80 centi degree

  • Easy construction

    It is lighter than metal pipes and thus it is easy to handle.
    The number of connection part can be reduced because the length of this pipe is longer, which leads to workload reduction and safety piping.

  • Quake resistance

    Polyethylene pipe has a high flexibility and thus can not be cracked by earthquake.

  • Heat-retention

    Insulating type causes little temperature reduction even if outside open piping and is economically for no need of re-heating.


  • Construction for HOT PEX

  • Construction for Hot spring pipe.