Pipe for Geothermal heat exchange system

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Extrusion molding technology

About Pipe for Geothermal heat exchange system

Heat exchange pipe is ground source heat pump system, using stable heat underground for air-conditioning or melting snow. Geothermal has been spread and expanded these days as one of the renewable energies and widely adopted as underground heat exchanger pipes.


  • Long durability

    Long durability can be materialized by using the world highest level polyethylene, PE 100.

  • Wide variety of products

    In addition to JIS conforming products with scratch resistance or pressure resistant, our lineup includes ISO products as well.

  • Socket connection

    The pipe and U-fitting are connected by socket welding with face jointing, and thus, the strength of the welding part is higher than that of pipe, which does not come off under ground.

  • Various constructions

    Various construction methods by heat exchange can be realized, depending on the situation using bore hole method, horizontally installing method, pilling method, and laying in shallow depth method, etc.


  • Installing method bore hole method.

  • Installing method・ pilling method.

  • Installing method・ horizontally installing method.

  • Installing method laying in shallow depth method.