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Extrusion molding technology

About OYU-POLY tube

Resin tubes for in-house hot/cold water supply for a detouched house and a multiple dwelling. Two types of tube materials are available: cross-linked polyethylene and polybutene. More excellent in durability, easy-construction and quake resistance, compared with conventional copper pipe covered with insulation material, lining steel pipes, or PVC pipes.


  • Workability

    Easy-construction due to its lightness compared with metallic pipes.

  • Wide variety

    Wide variety of insulation materials such as polyethylene foam, elastomer and guiding pipe corresponding to the purpose of use.

  • Earthquake-proof

    Cross-linked polyethylene pipes are earthquake-resistant due to its excellence in flexibility.

  • Durability

    Excellent in cold/heat resistance.
    (Available temperature range)
    Cross-linked polyethylene pipe: 0 to 95 centi degree
    Polybutene pipe: 0 to 90 centi degree

  • Hygiene

    It is hygienic and free from rusty water due to its rust-proof property.


  • Header plumbing system

  • Branch plumbing system