Housing joint gasket

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Mixing and molding technologies

About Housing joint gasket

These gaskets are used in the joints of the outer walls of panel homes. They are produced through extrusion forming of shapes and materials matching the design, pattern, and color of the panels, absorbing unevenness of spaces between outer wall panels.
This improves the appearance and prevents water and dust from getting in.


  • Decorativeness

    We can propose solutions matching the outer wall panel’s design (bumpiness, pattern) and color.
    (Surface texturing, spatter finish)

  • Bilayer structure

    The gasket has a two-layer structure consisting of the rubber surface layer with the design on it and the inner layer with strong sealant properties and workability.

  • Weather-resistant

    We use compounds and materials with durability and weather resistance matching the durability of panel homes.
    Weather-resistant, durable, and sag-resistant EPDM is used.

  • Sealing

    The gasket’s lip structure gives it a solid seal against the intrusion of water or dust from spaces in the outer walls.

  • Workability

    Nylon-thread simultaneous extrusion forming is utilized to prevent stretching while it is being worked.