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Compounding and foaming technologies

About FOLEC®

FOLEC is an eco-friendly polyolefin rolled foam sheet of microcell structure without any chemical foaming agents.


  • Thermal insulation, cool reserving and heat resistance

    Excellent in thermal insulation and cool reserving (Thermal conductivity: 0.032 W/m K)
    Excellent in heat resistance (Microwave-safe)
    Application example: cool reserving bags

  • Environment, safety and health

    Low VOC, no odor, meets Food Sanitation Act in Japan (The Ministry of Welfare #370) and low stimulation to the skin (FDA/ISO10993, USA)

  • Waterproofing and dustproofing

    Excellent in waterproofing (equivalent to IPX8 )
    Excellent in dustproofing (equivalent to IP6)
    High-airproofing as micro closed cell structure
    Application example: sealant for tablet

  • High-impact absorption

    Excellent in impact absorption
    Flexible and low-warp
    Application example: impact absorption tray

  • Moisture permeability, waterproofing and oil absorption (open cell structure)

    Excellent in moisture permeability and waterproofing (not through water, but through air and vapour only)
    Excellent in oil absorption
    Application example: moisture permeability and waterproofing sheet

  • Processability

    Possible to vacuum forming, heat fusing and welder fusing.
    Can be printed on the surface because it is made of microcell.
    Easy to laminate with polyolefin materials.
    Application example: printed bags


  • Cool reserving bottle cover

  • Clean cold resistance tray

  • Base for both sides tape

  • Impact absorption of smartphone and keyboard

  • Moisture permeability, waterproofing, and thermal insulation vest

  • Vacuum forming tray