Foamlite SL

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About Foamlite SL

FoamLight SL is the brand name of our rigid urethane foam that is sprayed onsite without using CFCs.
This material foams instantly once sprayed onto a substrate, expanding its volume to about 100-fold within a few seconds.
The major application is as the insulating material for houses constructed of wood.


  • Environmental consideration

    Exempt from the formaldehyde-containing building material designation.
    (As the initial level is below the detection limit.)
    CFC-free. (Global Warming Potential: none)

  • Highly airtight and heat insulation

    The insulation property does not deteriorate over time as the foaming gas is air.
    Its elasticity allows maintenance of airtightness as the foam follows the expansion
    or contraction of the skeleton.

  • Energy saving

    Lowers the electricity bill with improved air-conditioning performance.

  • Superior sound absorbing property

    The high air-tightness prevents outside noise entering the house or
    household sounds leaking out.

  • Cost effective

    The construction cost may be lowered as FoamLight SL can be applied quickly.

  • Long lasting

    The superior insulation and air-tightness prevents in-wall water condensation,
    enabling long lasting houses.


  • Thermal insulation for walls of houses

  • Thermal insulation for the roof of houses