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Compounding technology

About Basotect

Basotect is a flexible foam made from melamine resin.
It has unique properties, such as lightweightness, low combustibility, heat insulation, heat resistance, and water absorption by melamine resin attribution and fine cell structure.
It is applicable to wide-range use from industrial to daily goods.


  • Light weight

    Density is 6 to 9 kg/m3 super light weight

  • low combustibility

    (Basotect G+, TG, UF)
    UL94 V-0 HF-1 passed, thickness more than 3 mm

  • Thermal insulation, sound absorption

    Having thermal insulation and sound absorption due to micro-cell structure

  • Heat resistance

    Maximum 240 centi degrees, safe temperature to use is 150 centi degree

  • Water absorbency

    Superior in water absorption due to its micro-cell structure that leads to capillary phenomenon. Water-repellent grades selectable.


  • Sponge cleaners

  • Insulation for rice cooker

  • Oil pan cover for automotive

  • Insulation for generator

  • Insulation and sound absorption for Shinkansen

  • Insulation and sound absorption for Shinkansen