Plug-hole gasket

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About Plug-hole gasket

These products are installed to seal up holes of bodies of the vehicles left during work for coatings and assembly to be water and dust resistant. The shape is designed to be workable as well for assembly.


  • Ergonomics

    We adopt the shape design, "ERGO plug hole," for better installation and retentively to reduce burden of operators.

  • UBC adhesiveness

    We developed UBC compounding that improved adhesiveness between vehicle under body and coating. UBC simply enables the body to stick to coating and stop water which used to require water stop with additional heat welding resin or sealing against shrink and/or rattling which occur when passing body drying oven. Bilayer structure of UBC and coating has improved soundproofing as well.

  • Global production and supply system

    INOAC has established a global production and supply system of 30-million components per month.