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  3. High performance materials produced from R&D activities
  4. Technology/R&D Centers
  5. INOAC forest spreading into our life
  6. INOAC materials utilized in a variety of fields part1
  7. INOAC materials utilized in a variety of fields part2
  8. For adding value to our life, now and in the future/INOAC brands
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  11. Environmental Management
  12. Social Contribution Activities
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CSR Report

CSR Report 2021

Company profile

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  • Message from the President
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Feature story

  • Eco-Friendly Product Development
    (1) Plant-Based Polyurethane Foam Ecolocel
    (2) Polyurethane Foam Chemical Recycling
    (3) Developing Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam Recycling Technology Repeco®
    (4) Carbon Fiber Recycling
  • CSR Activities Overseas

Harmony with the environment

  • Environmental management
  • Reducing our environmental footprint
  • Managing information on chemical substances

Improving value

  • Quality improvement efforts

Communication with society

  • Contributing to society and communities

Producing an employee-friendly workplace

  • Improving in-house systems
  • Human resource development
  • Safety and health / Disaster prevention

Supply chain management

  • Supply chain management

Governance & compliance

  • Governance
  • Compliance

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