Color Foam

The production of INOAC LIVING started at our Kofu Plant in Yamanashi, surrounded by abundant nature such as Mt. Fuji and the Minami Alps. The history started approximately 60 years ago. We produced the first polyurethane foam mattress: the Color Foam mattress. Since then, we have produced convenient items such as bedding, furniture, nursing care and consumer goods across Japan.

We confidently deliver comfort by incorporating the materials.
We confidently deliver comfort by incorporating the materials.

We confidently deliver comfort by incorporating the materials.

Power of Materials/Reliable Technologies

Take the molding technology used for car seats for example. This technology is applied to sofas, pillows, etc. For our INOAC LIVING products, we have effectively utilized the material development capabilities and processing technologies that INOAC CORPORATION, as the material manufacturer, has perfected over 60 years.
We go beyond adjusting the cushioning by changing the hardness and density of polyurethane foam to also work on quantifying comfort and sense.
We use materials and technologies born in different product fields in the right places, producing exclusive functional and comfortable products.

INOAC Kofu Plant
INOAC Kofu Plant

Choose the Comfort

The comfort of sofas and bedding depends on the materials used inside.
The comfort of bedding and cushions of the same thickness significantly varies if the inner materials are different.
Choosing the right material is essential for INOAC LIVING as the material manufacturer.
We thoroughly know over 400 varieties of materials, enabling us to apply the best materials with the best methods to express the comfort suitable for sitting, relaxing and sleeping.
Comfort is born from carefully selected materials.

Material selection

Sticking to Made in Japan

INOAC LIVING produces our products by working with our plants across Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. We take advantage of our strength in streamlined processes from material development to product planning, design, production, maintenance and sales, using high quality materials supplied by INOAC.

INOAC Kofu Plant
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We develop our products by adding ideas and senses to high quality materials.

Work for Quality

All the INOAC LIVING factories have acquired ISO 9001 certification and work on producing safe, reliable products, based on specifications that satisfy internationally recognized quality standards. In addition, our factories are equipped with laboratories, and we have established our own strict evaluation criteria for durability and strength tests. All of the finished products produced in this manner are manually and carefully inspected and delivered to our customers.


We have acquired ISO 9001: 2015 certification.
[Registration No.: JQA-QMA11651]
* HIGASHI NIHON INOAC is a mother factory of INOAC LIVING.


Japan Quality to the World

INOAC LIVING fully uses the overseas network of INOAC Group all over the world to deliver Japan quality products to the world. We can even supply materials in overseas production bases under standardized quality control, and deliver products best suited to the cultures and needs of each country with the help of our local staff understanding Japan quality.

Overseas Network of INOAC Group