Handling of personal information collected

INOAC LIVING CO., LTD. (INOAC LIVING) shall comply with the laws and regulations of Japan concerning the protection of personal information. INOAC LIVING believes that the protection of personal information is a fundamental part of its business as well as a social obligation.
Personal information in this policy refers to collected information that can identify individuals including names, addresses, corporate names, phone numbers and email addresses. On the “INOAC net SHOP” internet shopping site operated by INOAC LIVING, personal information will also be handled and protected with the utmost care and attention based on the following policy.

1.Collecting personal information

INOAC LIVING will collect personal information on the website or the like after clearly indicating the purpose of use, within the scope of necessity and by legal and fair means.

2.Purposes of using personal information

Personal customer information will be used for the following purposes. However, the information will only be used when the individual purpose for collecting and using the data is specified within the scope of customer approval.

  1. Providing customers with information on INOAC LIVING products including catalogs, services and plans
  2. Performing clerical work related to shipments, returns, changes and other transactions of its products
  3. Delivering and/or setting INOAC LIVING products at customer residences or in other buildings
  4. Providing after-sales and maintenance services on INOAC LIVING products
  5. Conducting surveys by identifying the status of customer use of INOAC LIVING products and services, and customer satisfaction concerning INOAC LIVING products and services in order to develop new products and improve services
  6. Communicating with customers in emergencies
  7. Responding to customer questions, opinions and requests
  8. Performing activities relating to the above-listed purposes

【Notes regarding personal information gathered on or before April 1, 2005】

Personal information gathered before the Act on the Protection of Personal Information took effect will be handled within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes.
Customers who do not agree with the use of their personal information for the above purposes are requested to contact the department specified in Section 10 below.

3. Safety measures to protect personal information

To safely control and manage personal customer information, INOAC LIVING takes reasonable and proper safety measures against risks such as unauthorized external access, loss, damage, collapse, falsification, leakage and transmission to unauthorized outsiders. Each INOAC LIVING section that handles personal information has a personal information protection manager to ensure proper control of personal information. INOAC LIVING has in-house regulations to ensure the safe control of personal information, and provides personnel training to ensure that employees properly protect personal information.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

INOAC LIVING will not disclose personal information, nor provide it to any third parties, except when:

  1. A customer has given permission.
  2. Information has been disclosed or provided to a third party in such a manner that a specific customer cannot be identified.
  3. INOAC LIVING consigns data processing that involves access to personal information to subcontractors. (In such case, a subcontractor who meets the requirements for protection shall be selected. INOAC LIVING shall supervise subcontractors properly with adequate measures, such as having subcontractors sign agreements that prevent personal information leakage and transfer to third parties.)
  4. With customer consent, INOAC LIVING provides its business partners with estimates, plans and product drawings relating to the purchase and installation of its products.
  5. With customer consent, INOAC LIVING provides its group companies with personal information required to achieve the purposes within the boundaries described in Section 2 above.
  6. The laws or regulations require disclosure.
  7. Disclosure is required to protect the biological safety of people and property when obtaining customer consent is difficult.
  8. INOAC LIVING cooperates with national or municipal governments or the agents who are asked to carry out their duties as stipulated by the laws and regulations, and when obtaining customer consent may interfere with such duties.

As stipulated by laws and regulations, INOAC LIVING will not disclose personal information to any third parties overseas without customer consent.

5. Disclosure of personal information

INOAC LIVING will disclose personal information without delay if a customer so requests. However, if the disclosure may have one of the following results, part or all of the information may not be disclosed. If INOAC LIVING decides not to disclose the information, the customer will be informed without delay. INOAC LIVING will not disclose personal information when:

  1. The disclosure may result in damaging rights including life, body and/or property of the customer or a third party.
  2. The disclosure may significantly influence the proper performance of INOAC LIVING’s operations.
  3. The disclosure may violate other laws or regulations.

As a general rule, information other than personal information, such as access logs, will not be disclosed.

6. Corrections on personal information

If a customer finds errors in his or her personal information and requests correction, addition or deletion (corrections, etc.), INOAC LIVING shall perform the necessary investigation without delay, accordingly provide corrections, etc. to the customer’s personal information, and inform the customer of the corrections, etc. within the boundaries required for the purposes of gathering personal information, unless a special procedure is required, based on the stipulations of laws and regulations.

7. Handling of anonymously processed information

For anonymously processed information, INOAC LIVING will observe the following requirements:

  1. When creating anonymously processed information, INOAC LIVING will take the necessary actions to make it impossible to identify specific individuals and to restore the original personal information used for creation, and will disclose the information items contained in the anonymously processed information as stipulated in laws and regulations.
  2. When handling anonymously processed information, INOAC LIVING will not check it against other information to identify the person or persons related to the personal information used to create the anonymously processed information concerned.
  3. When providing anonymously processed information created by INOAC LIVING to any third parties, as stipulated in the laws and regulations, INOAC LIVING will disclose to the public the items of the anonymously processed information as well as the method of provision, and will state to the third parties explicitly to the effect that the information being provided is anonymously processed information.

8. Handling of personal information on other websites

This website may contain links to other websites. If necessary, please refer to the Privacy Policy on such linked websites except for the “INOAC net SHOP” internet shopping site operated by INOAC LIVING. INOAC LIVING assumes no responsibility for any and all forms of loss or damage arising from the collection and use of personal information on such linked websites.

9. Revision of the Privacy Policy

To protect personal customer information and to comply with amendments in laws, regulations and other rules, INOAC LIVING may revise its Privacy Policy. If such revision is made, it will be announced at INOAC LIVING’s web site.

10. Contact

For inquiries regarding INOAC LIVING’s Privacy Policy, contact:
Osaki West City Building, 2-9-3 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032
Phone: 03-3492-9214